You can help our cause by picking up items to go into our Canine Care Kits. These items will be distributed with the Canine Care Kits. At this time we can not accept used items or items not found on this list. Thank you for your support. Please contact us via email at for pick options (Denver Area Only) or for our preferred shipping address.

dog food.JPG

Dog Food

We can accept any unopened bag of dry food. We then repackage dry food into vacuum sealed bags to be distributed to homeless families with pets. Most common animals are dogs but we can accept cat food. Any excess food we get will be donated to local pet shelters, rescues, and/or foster programs.



We are accepting donation of fleece material. With this material we are able to build our blankets/coats. The material can be cut down to size but the minimum size of the donation will be 1 yard. Some of these blankets are built by the kids in the Jeffco Transition Services program where they get work credit as they transition from High School to Adulthood.

dental chews.JPG

Dental Chews

We can accept individually wrapped or bulk cases of dental chews. If needed we will put them in vacuum sealed bags. Dental chews are one of the few snacks we add into our Canine Care Kits.