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about us

Based out of Denver, Colorado, The Noah James Foundation was founded by Kim Fleischli and David Diedrichs. The foundation was created in memory of Noah James, Kim and David's American pit-bull terrier. Noah James was a sweet and gentle dog, beloved by those who knew him for his fun loving personality. Noah James passed away in 2016, due to a heart condition. All after being a survivor of cancer and thyroid disease, but his fighting spirit lives on through the work of the foundation. Kim and David know first-hand the helpless feeling associated with being unable to care for an animal with no means to care for itself. They created the foundation to prevent others from knowing that helplessness, and the hopelessness of feeling as though they do not have options. The Noah James Foundation wants you to know that you and your pet are not alone in the fight! We are always working to help your furry friends, in any way we can.



Our Mission

The Noah James Foundation is a 501-3C non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that no animal goes without food, medical care, or any other essential needs, regardless of their owner’s financial status. We are working to accomplish this goal by providing assistance through donations and collaboration with veterinarians and other non-profits. We provide options for people who cannot afford veterinary care including (but not limited to) monetary relief, fostering, and in some cases, re-homing. By providing these services, we can reduce the number of pets who are suffering from treatable illnesses, pets who are prematurely euthanized, and pets who are abandoned due to medical conditions. We have recently undertaken a project making canine care kits for homeless people with pets in and around Denver.






One time donation

Make a one time donation to help our cause.


12 monthly donations

Make a small monthly donation for 12 months towards the Noah James Foundation so we can help 12 families. 


24 monthly donations

Make a small monthly donation for 24 months towards the Noah James Foundation so we can help 24 families


36 monthly donations

Make a small monthly donation for 36 months towards the Noah James Foundation so we can help 36 families


Donate money to a previous award winner

Did one of our previous award winners stories touch your heart. Do you want to contribute to help their family with the remaining balance on the account?


Donate to this Month feature animal

Our awards are generally for a set amount. This may not cover the full amount of the vet bills for the family but it does help. This option allows you to donate to the feature family/pet of the month. 



Canine Care Kit Program

Although there are many resources available for homeless humans, these resources often do not extend to homeless pets. We have created a program to assist Denver’s ever-growing homeless population by providing Canine Care Kits, which provide essential items for dogs living outside of traditional homes. These kits include food, dental treats, a first aid kit, basic grooming items, a blanket which doubles as a coat, comfort items, and other essentials that would be otherwise unattainable for those living in shelters or on the streets. If you are interested in donating or providing resources for this program, please contact us.

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Grant Winners


We currently have not awarded any grants. We received our 501 3(c) rating in June of 2017 and are working to get our foundation fully formed. Right now we are working on smaller projects like our Canine Care Packs to get our brand out in the world and our name recognized for helping animals. Please check back for updates.





At this time we are still working on our Fund Raising Efforts, so we are not accepting grant applications at this time. If you have any question please feel free to ask. 




We have earned the Gold level Seal of Transparency for 2018 and 2017 from Guide Star.