Canine Care Kit Program

Although there are many resources available for homeless humans, these resources often do not extend to homeless pets. We have created a program to assist Denver’s ever-growing homeless population by providing Canine Care Kits, which provide essential items for dogs living outside of traditional homes. These kits include food, dental treats, a first aid kit, basic grooming items, a blanket which doubles as a coat, comfort items, and other essentials that would be otherwise unattainable for those living in shelters or on the streets. If you are interested in donating or providing resources for this program, please contact us.

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2018 Canine Kit Contents

For our pilot year we were able to create a great pack for our homeless furry friends with purchased and donated items. Each bag donated contained:

  • Noah James logo bag

  • Dog blanket/coat

  • First Aid Kit

  • Stay Tuned…. We are currently working on this page!!